How can Europe’s Chemical Industry help deliver on the Green Deal?

There is no European Green Deal without a strong European industry of the future

We see the transformation to a climate-neutral and circular economy as a key driver of European jobs and economic growth, needed to kick start the EU economy after the COVID19 pandemic (Marco Mensink, Cefic Director-General).

The European chemical industry has the ambition to become climate neutral by 2050 and is uniquely positioned at the heart of European manufacturing to contribute to realizing a climate neutral society.  The industry invites the European Commission to work on a joint roadmap for the EU Chemical sector, setting out the conditions for a successful deployment of innovative technologies in order to meet this objective. Access to abundant and competitive low carbon energy, development of relevant infrastructure, as well as new market opportunities related to sustainable products, are key conditions to ensure that industry stays globally competitive during the transition.

We support the Paris Climate Agreement and a strong action on climate change in line with the scientific advice provided by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Cefic also supports the European Green Deal and Europe’s ambition to become climate neutral by 2050 and the European chemical industry has the ambition to become climate neutral by 2050.  Reaching this goal will only be possible with the help of climate-neutral and circular economy solutions developed by our industry.  We want to see Europe become a global innovation hub and a hotspot for investments into breakthrough climate-neutral and circular technologies. Yet the challenge we face is immense  – with only 30 years left for the European society and industry to implement the necessary massive changes in energy transition and business models.

The Commission’s draft Climate Law clearly defines the ‘what and why’, it’s now essential to lay out a path for how Europe can become climate neutral by 2050.

Our world is facing huge challenges, and the recovery is a vital opportunity for Europe to invest in climate-neutral and circular solutions.

Discover (video) the European chemical industry journey towards a Europe which is cleaner, more sustainable and inclusive.

How the European chemical industry supports Europe’s 2050 ambitions

The chemical industry provides the wheels to achieve Europe’s 2050 ambitions

Chemicals supply many strategic value chains

The chemical industry is indispensable to Europe’s strong and sustainable economy of the future, as chemicals are present in almost every strategic value chain.

European Green Deal Chemical Industry Major Provider of the industry

As recognised by the European Commission’s European Green Deal Communication, energy-intensive industries, including chemicals, “are indispensable to Europe’s economy, as they supply several key value chains”.

The chemical industry is indispensable to Europe’s strong and sustainable economy of the future, as chemicals are present in almost every strategic value chain.

Discover here how some of the substances we produce are used in important products and technologies across various sectors.

Whether you look at paper, battery or plastic recycling, the process is fundamentally chemical. Take, for example:

Cefic presents ambitious European way forward for the EU chemical industry in 2050

The Molecule Managers

Back in 2018 we put our minds together to develop a practical path for us to start our industry’s transformation and continue developing climate neutral solutions on European soil. As a result, we produced a Molecules Manager report.

The report outlines a vision of the chemical industry at mid-century and offers an invitation to discuss and debate the urgent decisions we are all facing.

The prerequisites to a world that is cleaner, healthier and more inclusive, where the costly transition to climate neutrality has been socially fair, and in which Europe maintains its global relevance.

Take a “low-carbon industrial project journey” through Europe: discover our map

Low-carbon technologies projects: mapping investments and projects of the European chemical industry

Low-carbon technologies projects: mapping investments and projects of the european chemical sector

Position Paper and Supporting Documents

Revision of the Waste Framework Directive | Cefic view

As a Responsible Care®-registered industry sector, we aim at investing in the best available technologies and adopting the best practices to reduce waste. The industry is developing technologies necessary to turn waste into valuable raw materials.

Chemical Recycling | Cefic position

The Green Deal is at the heart of the EU’s ambitions of becoming climate neutral. To meet the ambitious European objectives, much more waste plastic needs to be recycled and a broader range of markets need to be served with plastic products containing recycled content. In this respect Cefic highlights the potential of chemical recycling…

European Climate Law | Cefic position

Climate policy and carbon leakage | Cefic position

The chemical industry’s initial thoughts on possible EU Border Adjustment Measures –

Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) | Cefic position

As carbon leakage risks for the EU chemical industry are set to increase, effective carbon leakage prevention remains essential for the chemical industry’s transformation.

Cefic statement on the EU Economic Recovery Plan

Ahead of the European Council meeting on 17 July the EU chemical industry calls on the EU member states to urgently agree an EU Recovery Plan to restart Europe’s economy and kick off investments towards a green and digital transition. 

Mid-Century Vision Report : Molecule Managers

Chemical Strategy for Sustainability | The Chemical industry and its contribution to the strategic industrial ecosystems for the Recovery (CSS)

“It is impossible to build a better future for Europe without a successful European chemical industry” We serve society with products that people value and that support people’s natural desires for better lives, a healthy planet, peace and prosperity. We are a €650 billion industry that produces everything from soaps to solvents and sealants and…

Chemical Strategy for Sustainability | Cefic’s response to the Roadmap on the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS)

Cefic calls for a Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS) that recognises the essential role of chemicals to deliver climate ambitions, ensures a high level of safety and integrates holistically the multiple dimensions of the Green Deal – climate neutrality, materials circularity and resource efficiency – while boosting competitiveness and innovation to serve Europe’s strategic interests….

Chemical Strategy for Sustainability | Input Paper on the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS)

This paper outlines the preliminary views and proposals of the European chemical industry, as represented by Cefic, on the future Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability proposed by the European Commission under the EU Green Deal. Its content may evolve at the light of future developments. It is organised in two part: 1. an overview outlining the…