Designing with energy efficiency in mind

Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of COemissions in the EU. Constructing with energy efficiency in mind, buildings can reduce energy bills and is climate-friendly.

One of the key challenges in designing energy efficient buildings is to keep a constant temperature throughout the year, irrespective of whether it is cold or warm outside. Air conditioning could do the trick but it consumes a lot of energy.  Fortunately, architects can now make use of “cool roofs” that alleviate our need for air conditioning.

The “cool roofs” work thanks to a layer of a coating, which adheres to the roof covering. This coating has a high solar reflectivity, which reduces heat penetration into a building and diminishes the need to use air conditioning. This coating is resistant to extreme temperatures and dirt.

Associated SDG targets

SDG 7 - Affordable And Clean Energy
SDG Goal 13 Climate Action

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