About Us

The forum of the chemical industry in Europe

Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council, founded in 1972, is the forum of large, medium and small chemical
companies across Europe, which provide 1.2 million jobs and account for approximately about 14% of world chemicals production.


Cefic is devoted to promoting a thriving chemical industry that is broadly recognised to:

  • provide sustainable, safe and resource efficient solutions,
  • foster prosperity, growth and investments in Europe,
  • provide safe and resource efficient solutions to meet the challenges for future generations.


The Association’s mission is to:

  • serve its members by generating and aggregating scientific knowledge that fosters the purpose of the Association in critical areas,
  • offer services and expertise to its members in regulatory, scientific and technical matters,
  • engage, advocate and represent the industry in order to create the right support and policy frameworks in Europe and beyond,
  • add value as a collective compared to individual companies’ activities.

Serving the chemical industry

Cefic supports its members through a wide array of services including monitoring services, networking events and guidance development. Cefic further serves its members via:

Cefic manages more than 75 sector groups, providing secretariat and project management support, in addition to other needs-oriented services.

A committed partner to the European Union

Cefic strives to be the best respected and most trusted business association in Europe. Based in Brussels since its founding in 1972, it is a committed partner to the European Union, interacting on behalf of its members with European institutions, non-governmental organisations, the media, and other stakeholders. Cefic is registered in the EU Transparency Register under n° 64879142323-90.  

Cefic members support the Paris Climate Agreement and a strong action on climate change in line with the scientific advice provided by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Cefic also supports the European Green Deal and Europe’s ambition to become climate neutral by 2050. Reaching this goal will only be possible with the help of climate-neutral and circular economy solutions developed by our industry. We want to see Europe become a global innovation hub and a hotspot for investments into breakthrough climate-neutral and circular technologies.

A key contributor to international matters

As an active member of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), Cefic seeks to strengthen existing cooperation with global organisations such as UNEP and the OECD to improve chemicals management worldwide.