Cefic Chemicals Trends Report

The Chemicals Trends summary report provides a snapshot of the chemical industry performance in the 27 countries of the European Union and is based on data released by Eurostat.

Issued monthly, the current report distils Eurostat data into top 10 areas:

  1. economic climate,
  2. business climate,
  3. output, producer prices,
  4. total sales,
  5. domestic sales,
  6. extra-EU exports,
  7. extra-EU imports,
  8. consumption,
  9. capacity utilisation
  10. employment.

Cefic Quarterly Chemicals Report – July 2021

EU27 chemical output returns to pre-pandemic level but large differences across countries remain

Cefic Quarterly Chemicals Report – May 2021

Industry data confirms green shoots of recovery but reveals highly challenging times remain for industry

Cefic Quarterly Chemical Trends Report – November 2020

Cefic Quarterly Chemical Trends Report – September 2020

EU chemical output shows signs of fragile recovery, but remains 9% below the pre-crisis level

Cefic Quarterly Chemical Trends Report July 2020

The chemical industry shows some resilience amid economic recession, but decrease in total output is inevitable

Cefic Quarterly Chemical Trends Report January 2020

Cefic Quarterly Chemical Trends Report October 2019

Cefic Chemicals Trends Report – June 2019

Cefic Chemicals Trends Report (slides)– June 2019

Cefic Chemicals Trends Report (slides)– May 2019

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Cefic Chemicals Trends Report – May 2019

The chemicals output has slightly increased in Q1 2019

Cefic Chemicals Trends Report – April 2019

Chemicals output continues to decline as the global economy slows down.

Cefic Chemicals Trends Report – February 2019

Output declines slightly amid global economic downturn

Cefic chemicals trends report – November 2018

Slower growth for EU Chemicals Sector

Cefic Chemicals Trends Report -January 2019

The second half of 2018 proved more severe than expected, with production posting no growth from January to October 2018 compared to the same period of 2017. Chemicals prices rose 3.7% during the same period, while chemicals sales reached 3.9% through September 2018. Chemicals exports were up 4.2%, while chemicals imports jumped 7.0% through September 2018.

Cefic chemicals trends report – October 2018

Moderate growth in EU chemicals industry

Cefic chemicals trends report – September 2018

Chemicals growth remains positive, despite deteriorating world economic climate

Chemicals Trends Report – August 2018

EU chemicals still growing steadily

Chemicals Trends Report – 28 June 2018

EU Chemicals Sector continues to grow

Chemicals Trends Report – 07 June 2018

EU Chemical Sector Still growing but losing momentum

Chemicals Trends Report – April 2018

Positive growth continues in 2018 for EU Chemicals sector.

Chemicals Trends Report – March 2018

EU Chemicals output climbs above its pre-crisis level

Chemicals Trends Report – January 2018

The EU chemicals sector faring better and closer to its pre-crisis level