ChemistryCan deliver on the Green Deal

The chemical industry is one of the largest and most diversified industries in the world and supplies almost all sectors of the economy. Our unique position makes us a key player in helping other sectors become more energy- and resource-efficient. Did you know that the chemical industry develops materials and technologies that can boost your home’s energy efficiency, make 100% recyclable products, build more efficient wind turbines , help preserve wild fish in oceans?

The European chemical industry invests more than 15% of its value-added in new and improved manufacturing plants and processes. Annually we invest approximately 9 billion in research & innovation. Through ChemistryCan we aim to show the results of these investments and what else we have in store.

We focus on:

Let’s accelerate the future of chemistry together

The chemical industry recognises that delivering on the EU Green Deal is not a standalone exercise. We aim to bring to life the European chemical industry’s commitment towards the future of chemistry by creating a multi-stakeholder platform for supporters of sustainable chemistry to raise awareness and help promote stronger opportunities for sustainable chemistry in the EU.