A Pillar of the European Economy

The European chemical industry is of major importance for economic development and wealth, providing modern products and materials and enabling solutions in virtually all sectors. A  wealth generating sector of the economy, and a valuable part of Europe’s economic infrastructure, it aims to provide solutions for the achievement of a competitive, low carbon and circular economy in Europe and beyond.

The 2023 Facts and Figures of the European Chemical Industry

Facts and Figures

With over 1.2 million workers, €760 billion turnover and €11 billion R&I investments, the European chemical industry is a wealth generating sector of the economy and a major contributor to building a sustainable future for Europe.

The landscape of the European chemical industry

For an accurate picture of the European chemical industry – beyond the regional overview  — the “Landscape of the European chemical industry” provides country-by-country snapshots for a better understanding of the industry today, the challenges it faces, and our ambitions for the future.

Discover Cefic low-carbon technologies projects map

low-carbon technologies projects map

A new interactive and customizable map shows planned and ongoing projects and investments in low-carbon technologies made by the EU chemical manufacturers.

You will be able to explore the activities across different European countries and across a broad range of technologies.


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