Transition Pathway for the EU Chemicals Industry – State of Play of the Inclusive Approach Towards a Green and Digital Chemical Industry

The co-implementation process for the Transition Pathway of the EU chemical industry is in progress. The Transition Pathway for the Chemical Industry, launched by the European Commission in January 2023, aims to be the industry’s compass for navigating through the ‘double-twin transition’ – guiding us toward climate neutrality, circularity, digitalisation, and the production of safe-and-sustainable…

Innovation, Policy Alignment, and Collaboration: Keys to a Hydrogen Economy in Europe

Series on Cefic at ACHEMA 2024 The transition to a hydrogen economy is essential for achieving climate neutrality and sustainability goals across Europe. The European chemical industry aims to become climate neutral by 2050, and accelerating the deployment of a clean hydrogen economy is crucial for this energy transition. Despite advances in innovative solutions for…

Our Industry

This year we will highlight projects and initiatives that are shaping the future of the chemical industry in Europe.

European Responsible Care® Awards 2024

Over five categories, the spotlight will be given to leading organisations who are seen as driving forward the EU chemicals industry in championing the ambitions outlined in the declaration. All valid submissions will be recognised. The application is now closed and winners will be disclosed in Q4. Stay tuned !

Discover Cefic low-carbon technologies projects map

Low Carbon Project Map

As highlighted in the EU Chemical industry Transition Pathway recently published by the European Commission, the chemical sector is heading towards the biggest transformation in its history. A transformation covering four different dimensions, as we go climate neutral, circular, digital while transitioning to safe and sustainable chemicals. A new interactive and customizable map shows planned and ongoing projects and investments in low-carbon technologies made by the EU chemical manufacturers. You will be able to explore the activities across different European countries and across a broad range of technologies.

The EU Chemical Industry Transition Pathway !

EU Transition Pathway

Our industry thanks the European Commission for co-developing this first-of-a-kind roadmap for an energy-intensive industry like ours, which aims to provide the business case for investing in Europe as well as offering clarity and direction towards achieving European Green Deal goals. We now need the Transition Pathway actions to be implemented, and national Transition Plans developed across EU Member States. Will you be part of our transformation journey?

Facts and Figures of the European Chemical Industry

A Pillar of the European Economy

With over 1.2 million workers, €760 billion turnover and €11 billion R&I investments, the European chemical industry is a wealth generating sector of the economy and a major contributor to building a sustainable future for Europe.

Economic Analysis of business impacts of the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability

Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability

The upcoming EU chemicals legislation puts Europe’s chemical industry at crucial crossroads. The intended policy changes will also create a significant “ripple effect” across many value chains relying on chemicals. To help inform future policy development, Cefic commissioned an independent economic analysis of business impacts of selected actions proposed under the EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability.

Be part of a movement to accelerate chemical innovations!

Future Chemistry Network

Being part of a movement to raise awareness of the latest developments, help promote stronger markets here in the EU for sustainable chemistry, and to accelerate chemical innovations which are safe and sustainable-by-design. Together we can demonstrate Europe’s potential to become a leader in sustainable chemistry.

The Landscape Of The European Chemical Industry

A Pillar of the European Economy

To help those keen to acquire an accurate picture of the industry, what it does, where, and why. We have produced the "Landscape of the European Chemical Industry", providing a regional overview and country-by-country snapshots, the challenges it faces and our ambitions for the future. The forces that shape its locations, challenges and solutions are as complex as many of its formulas.

ChemistryCan deliver on the Green Deal


The chemical industry develops materials and technologies that can boost your home’s energy efficiency, make 100% recyclable products, build more efficient wind turbines , help preserve wild fish in oceans?.

Chemical Recycling: Making Plastics Circular


With chemical recycling technologies, the industry has developed complementary solutions to existing mechanical recycling to recycle mixed or contaminated plastic waste that otherwise would be incinerated or sent to landfill.