“Other industries rely on us to help develop more energy efficient and climate-friendly products”

Read an interview with Cefic President Daniele Ferrari
on the role of the chemical industry in helping Europe transition to a low-carbon and circular economy.


Cefic welcomes Commission approach to EU Industrial Policy

Brussels 13 March 2019 – The European Commission today published a brochure outlining a comprehensive approach to EU Industrial Policy and explicitly recognising the need for a strategy for European industry. The Franco-German proposal for an industrial policy to overhaul EU competition and merger rules, is a useful starting point for an in-depth discussion. This…

ICCA supports call for action on chemicals management

Taking part in the High Ambition Alliance (HAA) discussion at the fourth session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA4), Mike Walls (American Chemistry Council- ACC), together with Veronique Garny (Cefic) representing the International Council of Chemical Industry Associations (ICCA), said that ICCA supports the call for action on chemicals management made in the GOII report,…

Propelling the EU chemical industry to success: skills and education

Brussels, 14th March, 2019 – “The future of the EU chemical industry will depend heavily on how well equipped the next generation of chemists are when it comes to skills”, said Cefic Executive Director for Innovation Pierre Barthélemy, at a workshop organised at the European Parliament by EuChemS, The European Chemical Society, in Brussels, on…

Our Industry

World chemical sales nearly double as emerging markets share urges

A pillar of the European economy

The European chemical industry is still a world leader, and a highly innovative sector. With 90% of GDP growth taking place outside Europe in the coming decades, the challenge is to stay competitive. Taking advantage of emerging market opportunities will require EU leadership in creating attractive framework conditions that enhance the global position of European chemicals.

Responsible Care is in the Chemical industry's DNA

Responsible Care

Launched in 1985, Responsible Care activity has since extended beyond chemicals manufacturing to other activities, especially those associated with the safe use and handling of products along the value chain.

Exploring ways to make plastic from renewable resources

A Solution provider for Sustainability

The use of fossil feedstock in plastics production is widespread, but the chemical industry is actively developing many alternative materials. To reduce dependence on crude oil is an integral part of the transition towards a bioeconomy.

A new generation of biodegradable additives helps tackle paper waste

A Solution Provider For Sustainability

The core process of waste paper recycling is called de-inking. De-inking is the industrial process of removing ink from the fibres of the paper. The aim of this process is to preserve as much paper fibre as possible and avoid the environment being polluted by ink. The de-inking process works thanks to chemical additives that dissolve the ink

Position papers

Brexit : Preparing for a future “UK out of REACH scenario”

Cefic views on the Commission’s proposal establishing a Framework to Facilitate Sustainable Investment

Cefic position paper on the interface between chemical, product and waste legislation and identification of policy options

Cefic views on the EU Single Market

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