Cefic Long-range Research Initiative (LRI)

Assessing the long-term impacts of chemicals

LRI’s mission is to advance the scientific assessment of the safety of chemicals and to improve the understanding of substances’ potential health and environmental risks.  Its aim is to respond to public and stakeholder concerns through rigorous scientific investigation and  increase consumer confidence.

Linking research to practice and policy

By fostering innovative research and building inter-disciplinary and international scientific networks and partnerships, we help improve the information needed for science-based decision-making.

In the last 20 years, LRI has become the leader in chemical safety assessment research, a unique source of knowledge and tools, providing a validated infrastructure of scientific advice available to both the industry and regulatory bodies.

Scope of research

To help address some of European public health strategy priorities, LRI conducts peer-reviewed and transparent research to:

  • Understand everyday and occupational exposure to chemicals
  • Investigate the effects of exposure to chemicals on human health
  • Develop tools and approaches to improve chemical risk assessment
  • Reduce animal use in chemical testing

LRI also addresses many of the environmental objectives of the EU, including:

  • Linking environmental factors to health effects
  • Understanding and reducing chemical risks to environment