The European chemical industry to tackle data gaps in REACH dossiers

2 April 2019, Brussels.  – The European chemical industry wants to make REACH work. We take ECHA’s findings that the quality of data in some REACH dossiers needs improvement seriously and we aim to be fully transparent about our plans to remediate the situation.

Cefic, together with its members, is now developing an action plan to effectively and efficiently address data gaps in REACH dossiers.

We are looking into the exact reasons as to why, despite the industry’s efforts to provide the necessary data, the evaluation done by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and national authorities has found shortcomings in many dossiers.

We are cooperating with ECHA to identify those areas where data is missing. A preliminary analysis suggests that, for example, many registrants were expected to better justify the use of alternatives to testing chemicals on animals.

Once the action plan is finalised and agreed on with ECHA, it will be published on the Cefic website. Cefic will also keep stakeholders regularly informed about the progress made by its members in updating dossiers.