Cefic’s reaction to the findings of the Fitness Check of the most relevant chemicals legislation (excluding REACH)

The EU chemical industry agrees with the conclusion of the fitness check that the EU is the frontrunner in chemicals legislation worldwide. The EU has created the most sophisticated chemicals legislation on the planet to ensure the highest level of chemicals safety for people and environment. Now it’s time consolidate the system to “unlock the full potential of the EU chemicals legislation to deliver a Europe that protects”. By so doing, we can demonstrate the EU chemicals system works and avoid widening the gap in chemicals legislation between the EU and other developed regions.

All goods imported to the EU must comply with EU rules on chemicals. This is not always the case now. Some imported articles still contain substances banned for the use in the EU. Increasingly complex restrictions make enforcement even more challenging. Therefore, we share a conclusion of the fitness check that Member States need to allocate sufficient resources to strengthening enforcement of controls on imported goods.

The fitness check also points to a need to reduce duplication of efforts across EU agencies. We can only concur with this. It will increase efficiency, benefitting both industry and authorities. We support the principle of “one substance, one hazard assessment”. Similarly, we see the value in improving the classification and labelling inventory to eliminate unjustified self-classifications, and support the development of an overarching approach to protecting vulnerable groups and assessing potential effects of mixtures.  

We are ready to work with the EU authorities to improve the implementation of the chemicals legislation and address the weaknesses, where needed.