Cefic REACH Action Plan: 4,000 Lead Dossiers Voluntarily Updated Since 2019, Demonstrating Industry Commitment


Cefic has published its latest report on industry’s efforts to update and improve chemicals data in REACH registration dossiers as part of the voluntary REACH dossier improvement Action Plan.

This marks the Cefic’s fourth progress report since the implementation of the voluntary Action Plan in cooperation with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Sylvie Lemoine, Cefic Executive Director: “The EU chemical industry is committed to making REACH work and a consistent stream of updates delivered by the signatories of this Action Plan for the past four years confirms that. Keeping REACH dossiersup to date is a dynamic journey with ever-changing demands. As we have new challenges ahead of us, we will start exploring the ways to adapt this Action Plan to potential new data requirements under revised REACH”.

Key 2022 highlights of the 4th progress report include

  • Nearly 200 participants of the Action Plan re-evaluated 1119 lead REACH dossiers in 2022. This means that almost 4,000 REACH lead registration dossiers/individual submissions (substances) have been re-evaluated since June 2019.
  • Nearly 40 % of the ECHA database for full registration dossiers  are expected to be reviewed between 2019 and 2026, according to the participants’ estimates.
  • Almost 60 % of the lead/individual dossiers re-evaluated in 2022 (more than 690 substances) led to new data or new information being added to dossiers.

About the REACH Dossier Improvement Action Plan

The REACH Dossier Improvement Action Plan is a voluntary initiative, launched by Cefic in 2019, to help its members systematically review data in previously submitted REACH registration dossiers. The initiative is implemented in cooperation with ECHA, towards achieving better alignment between submitted data and the current ECHA requirements.