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Responsible Care webtool: User manual for national associations

Responsible Care webtool: User manual for sites

Responsible Care webtool: User manual for headquarters

Responsible Care Management Framework

RC Management framework means to support companies in the evaluation of performance under the Responsible Care Global Charter.

Responsible Care Self-Assessment Web-Tool

The tool aims at strengthening support for companies towards improving the safe production, handling and use of chemicals across supply chains. The revised Responsible Care management framework and self-assessment questionnaire were launched in 2019 to support companies with their Responsible Care implementation. The self-assessment tool has now been enhanced and transformed into a digital webtool….

Responsible Care Management Framework and Self-Assessment Tool Q&A

Responsible Care Guidance

Cefic guidance on process safety indicators

introduces universally applicable process safety Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It became effective September 2016. During a period of four years all chemical associations are requested to host national workshops in order to roll out this new guidance in their respective countries.

Guidance to Responsible Care Global Charter