Responsible Care Guidance

In 2020, Cefic revised its Responsible Care® management framework for Europe; which paves the way for more European chemicals manufacturers to join the Responsible Care community whilst enhancing the industry’s reputation and trust.

The Responsible Care® management framework is a guidebook explaining the concepts and overall approach. This is accompanied by a Responsible Care self-assessment webtool, a multiple-choice questionnaire available in 18 languages. These tools support companies and national associations through the four maturity levels of Responsible Care implementation towards continuous improvement. The system is based on the six elements of the Responsible Care Global Charter which, thanks to the united commitment of 580 CEOs of chemical companies, contributes to a harmonised approach of Responsible Care at the global level.

The new webtool offers multiple features including:

  • Benchmarking performance against industry peers
  • Cross-referencing performance against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other international standards
  • Tailor-made tips for continuous improvement

Discover the new Self-Assessment  Webtool  

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For further information, see the Q&A and for a step-by-step technical guidance on how to use the webtool please see the user manuals available for sites, headquarters  and national associations.