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What is new in a nutshell

The ESCom Standard project has released the ESCom standard phrase catalogue, version 5.2.  This new version is fully compatible with the latest version of Chesar v.3.6 expected to be launched by ECHA in January 2021. Note that the catalogue can also be downloaded as a Chesar import file, allowing the use of the ESCom standard phrases in Chesar ECHA’s Chemical Safety Assessment and Reporting tool, Chesar. You can find more information on the current version 5.2 in the “Release note ESCom v5..2“.

As a result, version 5.2 of the ESCom standard phrase catalogue contains:

  • 2689 phrases,
  • 1880 of which are active phrases,
  • 807 are inactive

In order to facilitate the submission of phrases to ESCom, a Guidance: phrase submission using the Webtool , has been developed for users on how to submit new ESCom phrases by using the Webtool (English version). The document describes in a very visual way the different steps that must be followed to complete this process successfully.”

What is the ESCOm Package?

The ESCom standard for the exchange of Exposure Scenario (ES) data between IT systems has been developed to enable consistent and harmonised communication of ES information throughout the supply chain. This is a key process for the successful implementation of REACH.

It is aimed at providing standard phrases on the safe use of chemicals in the extended safety data sheet. This is one of the activities taking place in the context of the CSR/ES Roadmap, particularly Action area 3.

The standard consists of two components:

ESCom standard phrase catalogue

Covering the standard phrases for exposure scenario content, is being maintained  and further developed under the leadership of Cefic with the objective to develop standard phrases to be applied for exposure scenarios.

Read more on the ESCOm standard phrase catalogue

ESCom XML standard

The XML format for standardized and harmonized information exchange. The ESCom project has been presented and discussed at several occasions in the context of the Exchange Network on Exposure Scenarios (ENES) and the Cefic REACH Information and Experience Exchange Forum (RIEF). Relevant presentations are available on the Cefic and ENES website.

Download center - ESCom Guidance

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Information on ESCom Package

Phrase Submission using the Webtool: Guidance on how to submit new ESCom phrases

Guidance on how to submit new ESCom phrases.