REACH Implementation

Implementing REACH is one of the most challenging tasks the chemical industry has ever faced. The REACH Regulation, which entered into force in 2007, has gone three registration phases: 

  • the first one having ended on 30 November 2010,
  • the second on 31 May 2013.
  • the following one ends in 2018.

The registration is only one aspect of the Regulation, Evaluation and Authorisation/Restriction being the complementary ones.  All these phases and aspects require constant work from industry as well as active involvement from the Helsinki-based ECHA (European Chemicals Agency), the European Commission and the national competent authorities.

In order to help its members and other actors in the supply chains, Cefic has developed a number of guidance documents and tools to support companies in the implementation of REACH as well as to enhance harmonisation of procedures. Having a harmonised approach and using standard tools is key for a successful and efficient implementation of REACH requirements. 

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