Feeding the world while preserving the planet

With an increasing population, we need to make sure there is enough food for everyone on this planet. At the same time, we need our agricultural practices to become more sustainable and make a better use of natural resources.

Solvay, has come up with a new solution: a seed booster based on a natural fertiliser made from the Indian plant Guar. The result of more than 50 years experience sourcing Guar.

This seed booster, a so-called bio-based stimulant, allows young plantlets to get stronger quicker because it draws nutrients and water from the ground more efficiently. This means less water is needed for irrigating the young crops.

By adding the bio-stimulant just around the seed, a 5% yield increase can be achieved. Seeing as the seed booster is not affected by changes in temperature, this increase in crops is a sure thing.

By reducing water consumption in agriculture and increasing the crops’ yield, this solution brings us one step forward in feeding a growing population without sucking water resources dry.

Associated SDG targets

SDG Goal 02 Zero Hunger
SDG 12-ResponsibleConsumptionAndProduction

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