CO2 valorisation


Carbon is a crucial part of a large variety of products (e.g., from food we eat to the materials we use for everything) essential to our society. For Europe’s production to be more sustainable, we have to consider alternative carbon sources and production pathways. CO2 is an available carbon source with an abundant supply in Europe. Recycling carbon from CO2 can enable a more sustainable production of chemicals and materials. A European strategy towards CO2 emission reduction in a future circular economy should consider CO2 valorisation technologies.

A real opportunity for the chemical industry

The ulitisation of CO2 as an alternative carbon source has to be part of the portfolio of solutions needed to address major EU priorities and tackle societal challenges. For a more sustainable production in and from Europe, chemical companies have started investing in the development of technologies enabling the utilisation of CO2 (and CO) as alternative carbon feedstock. This presents a real opportunity for the chemical industry to contribute to Europe’s industrial leadership in sustainable technologies and stimulate growth. However, we need a more supportive European policy framework to ensure the leadership of European companies in related technologies, which can contribute to the development of a more circular and low-carbon economy.

Cefic’s position

CO2 is one of the alternative carbon sources that can be considered for a more sustainable production of chemicals and materials.  In order to create business opportunities for the European chemical industry in this field, it is essential to:

  • Develop a  common understanding on how  the impact of CO2 valorisation technologies should be evaluated,
  • Ensure an appropriate regulatory framework for the deployment of related low-carbon technologies and products, including revised ETS Monitoring and Reporting Regulation; and
  • Provide an appropriate financial support for technology development at all Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) in Europe;
  • Develop a clear terminology for CO2 valorisation technologies.

Cefic activity on CO2


Position paper and supporting documents

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