34 renowned chemistry professors and 21 young European scientists recreate the iconic photo featuring Curie and Einstein

Cefic’s remake of the iconic 1927 picture | Students & Professors

Brussels, 30 May 2022. –  34 of Europe’s top chemistry professors, including two Nobel Prize laureates and 21 PhD students from all across the EU gathered today at the Brussels Metropole Hotel to recreate the iconic picture made in 1927 during the Solvay International Conference on Electrons and Photons. This world-famous photo shows the prime of the scientific leadership of that time, including Marie Skłodowska-Curie and Albert Einstein. Today’s gathering marks the 50th anniversary of the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic).

25 CEOs and Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) of Europe’s leading chemical manufacturers also joined professors and promising young scientists during today’s event. They seek to reinforce the alliance between science and business to ensure scientific progress and innovation find their way to the market and contribute to the EU’s Green Deal agenda.

Dr. Martin Brudermüller, Cefic President and CEO of BASF: “I am excited to be surrounded today by the world’s best chemists and extremely talented young researchers from all across Europe. The young generation will define the future of chemical innovation in Europe and herewith the success of the EU’s Green Deal. Innovation is in our blood: the EU chemical industry is the world’s second largest investor in chemicals R&I with more than €9 billion going to research every year. So engaging with the present and next generation of scientists is hugely important for the future of Europe.”

Professor Ben L. Feringa, a laureate of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry said:  “I am happy to participate in this initiative as it is great to bring together industry, the scientific community and students. The three groups will need to work together to find the best solutions for big challenges. The enthusiasm and dedication of the students fills me with pride and gives me the confidence that great progress will be made towards a more sustainable world. These young stars will shape the future of chemistry and enjoy being at the frontier of the creating science par excellence!”

Cefic’s remake of the iconic 1927 picture

Cefic’s remake of the iconic 1927 picture

Front row, from left to right: Mota R., Seeberger P., Antonietti M., Maulide N., Wennemers H., Carreira E., Echavarren P. A., Lehn J.M., Cossy J., Feringa B., Ghiglietti E., Poliakoff M., Escudero Escribano M., Fersth A., Koopmann A.K., Hocek M., Bogaerst A., Koskinen A., Horvath R.
Middle row, from left to right: Mužina K., Czachor-Jadacka D., Hansen T., Michl J., Sanders J. K., Šerpytis L., Gogotsi Y., Aggarwal Varinder K., Glorius F., Berdugo Vilches T., Van Geem K., Aerts R., Kejla L., Šulgan B., Martinez J. G., Serna P., Centi G., Gouverneur V., Milata V., Budinska A.
Back row, from left to right: Papavasileiou P., Nieminen J., Le Floch F., Nolte R., Horvat M., Meijer B., Frenkel D., Coperet C., Weckhuysen B., Rüter I., De Feyter S., Goss R., Pena D., Tincu R.A., Bayley H., Yeow K.
Cefic’s remake of the iconic 1927 picture | Professors - Honour science and chemistry_ professors only
Front row, from left to right: Carreira E., Maulide N., Michl J., Bayley H., Gogotsi Y., Weckhuysen B., Frenkel D., Escudero Escribano M., Martinez J. G., Van Geem K., De Feyter S., Fersht A., Bogaerts A., Koskinen A.
Back row, from left to right: Milata V., Antonietti M., Hocek M., Cossy J., Aggerwal Varinder K., Echavarren P. A., Seeberg P., Centi G., Glorius F., Coperet C., Goss R., Wennemers H., Pena D., Nolte R., Meijers B., Gouverneur V., Feringa B., Poliakoff M., Sanders J. K., Lehn J.M.
Cefic’s remake of the iconic 1927 picture | Students - Honour science and chemistry _Students only
Front row, from left to right: Horvath R., Šerpytis L., Tincu R.A., Czachor-Jadacka D., Yeow K., Le Floch F., Mužina K., Nieminen J., Horvat M., Papavasileiou P., Budinska A., Rüter I.

Back row, from left to right: Šulgan B., Berdugo Vilches T., Aerts R., Kejla L., Koopmann A.K., Serna P., Ghiglietti E., Mota R., Hansen T.

Original picture made in 1927 at the Solvay International Conference on Electrons and Photons

Original picture made in 1927 at the Solvay International Conference on Electrons and Photons

Background information

About Solvay 1927 Conference

The Solvay Conferences, founded by the Belgian industrialist Ernest Solvay in 1911, were considered a turning point in the world of physics. Located in Brussels, the conferences were devoted to outstanding preeminent open problems in both physics and chemistry.  The most famous conference was the October 1927 Fifth Solvay International Conference on Electrons and Photons, where the world’s most notable physicists met to discuss the newly formulated quantum theory. The leading figures were Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr. 17 of the 29 attendees were or became Nobel Prize winners, including Marie Curie, who alone among them, had won Nobel Prizes in two separate scientific disciplines

About the participants of the 2022 conference

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