IAM4EU in the spotlight: Pioneering Advanced Materials for Europe’s Future

The European Commission has launched a new initiative ‘Innovation Materials for Europe’ more commonly known as IAM4EU, its latest Public-Private Partnership (PPP) set for 2025-2027 under Horizon Europe. IAM4EU will focus on the entire spectrum of advanced materials innovation, from production, processes, to circularity principles. Given its scope and its engagement of a experts across the public sector and private industry, this initiative is seen as an important step in supporting Europe’s green and digital transition

Cefic has recently called for a stronger focus on PPPs alongside the strategic importance of including IAM4EU in Horizon Europe, we now welcome these developments as a step in the right direction to ensure the success of the European Commission’s Strategy on Advanced Materials for Industrial Leadership.

“IAM4EU is not just a partnership, it is a clear commitment to pioneering the future of advanced materials. This initiative marks a significant stride in uniting the expertise of the public and private sectors to overcome the challenges of the green and digital transition”, said Dr. Daniel Witthaut, Cefic Executive Director for Innovation.

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) are fundamental as they bring together the expertise, resources, and innovative capabilities of both the public sector and private industry, driving forward breakthroughs in technology and sustainability.

Fostering collaboration in advanced materials research across Horizon Europe’s clusters, such as with the IRISS project will be a strategic move for IAM4EU. AMI2030 and 2DMI, the 2D Materials Initiative, are the conceptualising entities behind IAM4EU. These collective efforts are dedicated to advancing materials research and innovation in Europe.

By recognising the key role of PPPs in driving research and innovation across industrial value chains, IAM4EU is an opportunity to position advanced materials at the forefront of innovation and support Europe’s industrial landscape in its green and digital transition.

More information can be found here.

Background information

Originating from PPP proposals shortlisted by the European Commission in summer 2023, IAM4EU finds its place under the “Digital, Industry, and Space” cluster of Horizon Europe. This strategic alignment highlights the importance of advanced materials in shaping industrial transformation and technological progress. It is in line with the European Commission’s 2024 Work Programme, which includes the ‘Advanced Materials for Industrial Leadership’ initiative. The Commission plans to collaborate with Member States to expedite the development of safe, sustainable, and circular advanced materials.