Cefic’s partner, IRISS, launches community platform to accelerate the transition to Safe and Sustainable-by-Design materials, products and processes

A new collaboration platform has been launched by IRISS, a partner of Cefic, to bring together organisations to share knowledge and best practices on Safe and Sustainable-by-Design (SSbD). As an EU-funded project, IRISS aims to accelerate the progress towards materials, products and processes that are designed in a safe and sustainable way following the common set of SSbD principles.

“At Cefic, we recognise the importance of defining and implementing Safe and Sustainable-by-Design principles throughout the entire research and innovation lifecycle. It is crucial to foster a common understanding among all stakeholders on their application. The new IRISS Platform plays a pivotal role in advancing this knowledge. This approach can ensure that safety, circularity, climate neutrality, and functionality are integrated from the earliest stages of the innovation process, advancing sustainability in the chemical industry”, said Dr. Eva-Kathrin Schillinger, Senior Innovation Manager at Cefic, and SusChem Secretary.

The IRISS community is open to all actors with an interest in moving towards safe and sustainable practices, including industry, academia, policy makers, NGOs, Research and Technology Organisations, and others. By joining the community, members can:

  • Exchange information on Safe and Sustainable-by-Design issues;
  • Access guidelines and training sessions;
  • Engage in specific content working groups related to value chains like textiles, construction, automotive, electronics, energy, packaging, and fragrances

Cefic has been a dedicated partner of IRISS since its founding in 2022. By connecting and collaborating with different organisations, IRISS will develop research and innovation roadmaps and identify policy needs across seven strategic sectors: automotive, construction, electronics, energy, fragrance, packaging, and textiles. Representatives of these value chains play a crucial role in the IRISS project by contributing with input and experience. They also connect various EU and international organisations, associations, and initiatives to ensure a global perspective