Cefic joins the Healthy Workplace Campaign: Safe and healthy work in the digital age

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For another year, Cefic supports the EU Agency for Occupational Safety and Health (EU OSHA) Healthy Workplaces as an official campaign partner. This year the theme is ‘Safe and Healthy Work in the Digital Age 2023 – 2025’. For this campaign, Cefic will raise awareness of the importance of the potential of digital technologies on the safety and health of workers.

“Protecting worker safety and health is the chemical industry’s licence to operate. From R&D to end-use of chemical products, worker protection is central. Proudly supporting EU OSHA’s ‘Safe and Healthy Work in the Digital Age’ campaign 2023-2025, we are committed to enhancing the well-being of workers across our industry.”

Marco Mensink – Cefic Director General

For the European chemical industry, the safety of workers and enhancing health and safety in the workplace is our top priority. Cefic has long supported and contributed to the ongoing improvement of worker safety issues through a combination of voluntary initiatives, like Responsible Care, and specific action programs.

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