Cefic Joins 25 EU Associations in Calling for a Strengthened EU Single Market

EU single market

The single market is a cornerstone of European prosperity, but more can be done to reach its true potential. Through seamless integration of value chains, where waste transforms into resources, low carbon energy is accessible and affordable , and EU legislation is fully enforced and harmonised at national levels, we could pave the way towards a stronger, more competitive Europe.

Marco Mensink, Cefic Director General commented:

In a geopolitical world that becomes ever more complicated, Europe has to use all the strength it has. Our core strength is the single market. We need to cherish, nurture, improve and expand it, for example with a single market on waste. A well-functioning single market is crucial for a future prosperous and competitive Europe.

This is another moment of truth for the EU. The forthcoming High-Level Reports on the Single Market (by Enrico Letta) and Competitiveness (by Mario Draghi), the European elections, and the new EU institutional cycle offer a unique opportunity to make the Single Market the flagship of the EU’s strategic agenda.