Boosting access to renewables: Cefic and RE-Source Platform partner to facilitate information, contacts and solutions

Nicola Rega, Cefic Executive Director of Climate Change and Energy with Annie Scanlan, Director of the RE-Source Platform

Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council, has partnered with the RE-Source Platform to help the chemical sector procure more renewable energy. The RE-Source Platform is a European alliance of clean energy buyers and suppliers, working to facilitate corporate renewable energy sourcing. This platform pools resources and coordinates efforts to improve access to renewable energy at both the EU and national levels. 

Why is this partnership important?

The chemical industry is one of the world’s most energy-intensive sectors consuming over 600 terawatt hours only in the EU. The electricity required to operate chemical plants in Europe is comparable to the electricity consumption of an entire country like Belgium, and this demand is expected to grow significantly. Access to renewable energy is crucial for enabling that increase in consumption, while meeting the industry’s competitiveness needs on the path towards climate neutrality.  

Renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) offer a practical way for companies to obtain renewable energy and reduce both energy costs and carbon emissions. However, many companies, including small and medium-sized ones with limited resources, can find it challenging to understand how to access these agreements. The RE-Source Platform plays a vital role in facilitating such partnerships and sharing knowledge to promote renewable energy solutions. 

“The reason why the RE-Source Platform was founded is to bring together energy suppliers and buyers because, in the end, the energy transition is about partnership and working together,” said Annie Scanlan, Director of the RE-Source Platform, in a recent discussion with Nicola Rega, Cefic Executive Director of Climate Change and Energy. 

Watch the full video featuring Annie Scanlan and Nicola Rega to learn more about Cefic’s partnership with RE-Source