Cefic Digital Dialogue | Accelerating EU investments in breakthrough Green Deal technologies: Can Carbon Contracts make a Difference?

May 5-5, 2021

Digital Dialogues are open stakeholder discussions, designed to provide an exchange of perspectives, activities and initiatives between the European chemical industry and its broader community, with the aim of contributing to the European policy agenda.

The EU has set its first Climate Law, along with an increased level of ambition for 2030. The chemicals industry supports Europe’s climate-neutrality ambition and wants to make it a reality. For this, we need to urgently create the investment case to deploy innovative GHG abatement technologies. How can we rapidly incentivise the huge investments needed and roll out breakthrough technologies at industrial scale by 2030 at the latest?

This session will investigate the role of Carbon Contracts for Difference (CCfD) to mitigate the uncertainty around the future emissions allowances prices and support the deployment of first-of-a-kind technologies. CCfD offer governments the opportunity to guarantee investors a fixed price that rewards CO2 emission reductions above the current price levels in the EU ETS.

Together with a member of Frans Timmermans’ cabinet, an academic and an industry player, we will examine the following questions:

  • How can CCfDs complement current carbon pricing and innovation funding instruments?
  • Can it coexist with other instruments like a Carbon Border Tax or carbon consumption charge?
  • What are the potential limitations of this instrument?

Meet the Speakers

Join us for this urgent dialogue on incentising the huge investments needed for Europe’s transition to climate neutrality

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