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Cefic’s views on the interplay between REACH & OSH legislation

Cefic sees OSH and REACH legislations as complementary to each other in the context of workers protection that must be risk-based and supported by a strong engagement of Social Partners in enhanced Social Dialogs. Cefic also recognises the need for clarification on the interface between these two legislative frameworks to avoid overlapping conclusions to help micro and SMEs assessing their risks and taking the appropriate level of protection for their Workers.

Chemical Strategy for Sustainability | Input Paper on the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS)

This paper outlines the preliminary views and proposals of the European chemical industry, as represented by Cefic, on the future Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability proposed by the European Commission under the EU Green Deal. Its content may evolve at the light of future developments. It is organised in two part: 1. an overview outlining the…

Cefic-CIA position on the future relationship negotiations between the EU and the UK (Brexit)

Cefic – CIA position on REACH related issues in the future relationship between the EU-27 and the UK (Brexit)

Cefic-CIA views on the future-relationship negotiations between the EU and the UK

Why is a “no deal” Brexit a problem under REACH

Cefic position paper on the interface between chemical, product and waste legislation and identification of policy options

Regulatory alignment post Brexit

Letter to heads of state and government ahead of EU council

Joint statement ECHA Cefic to Work on an Effective Implementation of REACH (MOU)

With the completion of the third registration deadline, REACH now regulates all chemicals on the EU market. Recognising that the 2018 Commission General Report on REACH calls on all actors to further improve REACH implementation and, in particular, on industry and ECHA to further improve the safety information and its communication in the supply chain,…

Cefic, ECEG and industriAll European Trade Union statement on Brexit

The UK’s decision to leave the EU presents a political and economic challenge that creates significant uncertainty for companies and their employees. Cefic, ECEG and industriAll Europe are united in their concern about the adverse impact that Brexit could have on the viability, international competitiveness and employment within Europe’s chemical industry on either side of…

Cefic and CIA joint statement on Brexit and the future

Rules of Origin for Chemical Chapters 28 to 40 under Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

Following the UK’s departure from the European Union on 31st January 2020 and the transition period, both sides are now negotiating a future trade relationship. A priority in these negotiations is the conclusion of a trade agreement that will be the core of the future economic relationship.

Rules of Origin for Chemical Chapters 28 to 40 in context of the EU-UK negotiations