Transporting water safely to our homes

Did you ever think about how water reaches our homes? Water pipes are designed to transport treated drinking water. Materials commonly used to construct water pipes include cast iron, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), copper or steel. To ensure water safety and to increase the lifespan of water pipes, they need to be protected against the elements.

Arkema uses a high-performance coating instead of stainless steel to protect water pipes, pumps and valves from abrasion and corrosion. Made from renewable materials – a plant that grows in very arid areas and requires very little water – the powder coatings use less energy and emit less carbon than metal coatings. Their long service life also lowers the costs of maintaining pipe systems. This is how Arkema contributes to a low-carbon and sustainable future.

Associated SDG Targets

SDG 12-ResponsibleConsumptionAndProduction