How ChemistryCan provide diverse solutions with one substance

Solar panels

Did you know that solar panels also need protective sheets to shelter them from high temperatures, rain and dust? Thanks to an innovative solution developed by one of our members solar panels can now stay in service for longer and perform better.

Arkema has developed a very thin protective film to manufacture extreme performance solar panels. This film enables the solar panel to withstand high temperatures and humidity, enhance the UV resistance, as well as stay white longer. The latter contributes to reflecting light. These characteristics make the solar panels live beyond 20 years and increases their energy yield.


When applied to batteries, this same fluoropolymer functions as a binder. This binder is so effective, that very little is needed for the battery to function optimally. This leaves room for other elements in the battery to improve its charging time, its energy efficiency and autonomy. In other words, it will allow you to drive your electric vehicle longer without having to recharge.

Water filtering systems

If that weren’t enough, the material can also be used in water filtering systems. Arkema has been working for several years with Polymem, a French membrane maker to develop improved filtration techniques.  The result is a filtration system which can remove the minutest particles — viruses and bacteria — from water without adding chemicals. In water treatment plants, it also treats 20% more water without using any more energy and can last an extra five to ten years. This green and economical solution is currently undergoing full-scale testing in several municipal treatment plants in France in partnership with Veolia. There is also a range of potential applications in the manufacturing and residential sectors

All in all, with one polymer, Arkema has found a way to enhance the quality of our drinking water, improve battery performance and increase the lifespan of solar panels.

Associated SDG Targets

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