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Creating comfortable and durable sports clothing

Usain Bolt and other world league runners make sprinting look so easy. Sure, Bolt is a natural runner, but even he relies on effective sporting equipment to achieve his best. Let’s see how Chemistry Can help you run faster and train more comfortably.

Trade up for lighter shoes

The chemical industry helps to produce light sports clothes and gear. Some synthetic materials offer great benefits for the sports industry, for instance, polyurethane synthetics give a tough yet flexible composition to modern lightweight shoes. Thanks to this, trainers can weigh even less than 300 grams, compared to almost an entire kilogram 20 years ago. Try a lighter pair for your next run and see if less weight means faster feet.

Opt for breathable clothing

Your run will surely be easier in comfortable clothing. Innovative fabrics, produced by the chemical industry, allow clothing to be flexible and breathable with ‘quick drying’ solutions for a cool run.

Choose comfortable materials

For improved running performance, choose clothes that allow your body to move freely. Chemical companies have designed a unique fibre that is soft and endlessly flexible. This will help you perform in comfort, which is what you’ll need – especially on the longer runs.

Pick protective garments

Run and cycle care-free by choosing high-performance training clothing that will protect you from abrasions in the event of a fall. We help design strong garments that will not tear even if one falls from a bike moving at 40 km/h.

With this range of advanced fabrics making our sports clothes so comfortable, we don’t really have any excuses not to move around! So get running now!

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