Mid-Century Strategy

Cefic’s mid-century strategy for a carbon-neutral, successful European chemical industry

New technologies are transforming the way we live and work.  We are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of human behaviour on our planet and are taking unprecedented steps to mitigate it.   As an industry that produces everything from solvents to sealants to soap, from biofuels to plastics to vitamins (to name just a few), the chemical industry is at the centre  of this transition.

Cefic’s mid-century strategy is an initiative of the European chemical industry to describe a plausible path towards a decarbonised, fully circular, cleaner future in the year 2050.

The forthcoming report – to be published in June 2019 – will present our view on society and on the chemical industry towards mid century. It is also an attempt to respond to current and upcoming societal challenges.  It represents our contribution to a debate—and some urgent decisions—that will chart our collective path towards a sustainable world.

Our vision is based on a deep, year-long analysis of authoritative research on climate change, the European energy mix and recycling technology along with the broadest expert consultation that Cefic has ever undertaken. We engaged the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies to advise us on the megatrends transforming our world. We invited Korn Ferry International to educate us on what’s happening in the global talent market. We analysed reports from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the European Commission, the World Economic Forum and McKinsey, and developed the report together with our members.

Based on  those discussions, we made a series of assumptions about the state of the world today and where it’s going by 2050. We then  we invited hundreds of experts from around the world to challenge us on our assumptions in a Delphi exercise.

The report will serve as an engagement tool for to policymakers, targeting the next generation of European policymakers, especially  the new European Commission, which will take office in November 2019, and the new European Parliament that will be elected in 23-26 May.