Winners of the Responsible Care ® Awards 2020

Discover the 16 winners of the 2020 edition of the Responsible Care® Awards

Each year, the Responsible Care® Awards recognise outstanding and innovative work among chemical companies and federations on their journey towards safe chemicals management and performance excellence. The annual awards showcase the industry’s best practices from all over Europe while demonstrating its commitment to health, safety and the environment.

Category 1: Upholding and reshaping production lines

  • Chemi-Pharm AS for “Upholding and reshaping production process”, which used digital tools to stimulate processes and machines operations and for changing its production into three working-shifts instead of one. Read more on the Chemi-Pharm website.
  • Perstorp Group’s Perstorp Health Care Aid” for its rapid conversion of a new product line to manufacture sanitizers and to offer them to health care institutions at cost price across Sweden. Read more on the Perstorp website.
  • PKN ORLEN S.A for the “Launch of the hand sanitizer liquid production line”, it quickly converted its production line to produce liquid hand sanitizer with the aim of strengthening the sanitary safety of the country. 
  • Sekab BioFuels & Chemicals AB for the “Production of hand sanitizer and surface disinfection”; for shifting to produce and deliver hand sanitizer and surface disinfection to health, medical and elderly care, with the help of new value chain companies and in coordination with authorities. Read more on Sekab BioFuels & Chemicals AB.

Category 2: Protection of Workplace and People

  • Covestro AG for the initiative “We are 1: especially in times of the pandemic” which used a broad range of health and safety measures, not only for employees but also for their families, neighbouring communities and partner companies. 
  • Dow Chemicals Europe SA for its “Dow COVID-19 program and Return to Workplace plan” which included an impressive return to work plan implemented in a structured way at all European manufacturing sites and offices, involving key stakeholders.  Its ongoing communication of best practices was also highlighted.
  • Grupo Juste for “Acting fast for the same goal: Together against COVID-19” for its quick actions taken to ensure the health and safety of the employees during working hours and outside of working hours too. Read more from Grupo Juste.
  • VCI for the “VCI Platform: Emergency Supply Disinfectants” a virtual marketplace platform to establish new supply chains in order to quickly supply disinfectants to medical and social facilities in Germany. Read more from VCI website.
  • SPECIAL COMMENDATION: Bracco Imaging spa: for “Bracco Taking Care” in COVID-19 Times” for its rapid response to protect, share information and train employees. It took actions like remote teaching in schools, preparing lunchboxes and offering donations. Read more from Bracco Imaging spa website.

Category 3: Community support

  • Bayer AG for its initiative “Against COVID-19 Stronger Together” which included an impressive global response to fight against COVID-19 using a five-pillar strategy; awareness, protection, mitigation, treatment and research.
  • Grupa Azoty Zaklady Azotowe Kedzierzyn S.A. for its “Support to fight against COVID-19” which included an impressive involvement of the local inhabitants to help improve safety and prevent the spread of the pandemic. Read more from Grupa Azoty Zaklady Azotowe Kedzierzyn S.A.
  • Grupo Juste for “Joining efforts, spreading commitment and saving time against COVID-19”; they modified production lines to manufacture hydroalcoholic gel, which was then donated to public and private bodies in coordination with authorities and other organisations. Read more from Grupo Juste.

Category 4: Initiatives encompassing several categories

  • Arexons S.p.A. for the “Conversion of production plants to donate Hygiene detergent” which included a rapid switch in production lines to manufacture a new detergent product to help hospitals fight the virus.
  • Federchimica’s “Strategy and implementation plan to fight COVID-19 pandemic in Italy” which included impressive coordination with other business associations and partners to support in the fight against COVID-19. Through donations it supported the building of a care unit in a new Coronavirus hospital in Milan.
  • INEOS’ “#Handson Handgel Initiative” which included the building of new hand sanitiser plants and free deliveries to hospitals and front line medical and care services in Europe and the US. Read more from INEOS website.
  • “Seqens’ answer to face the global health crisis” which included quick mobilisation to fight against the COVID-19 crisis by adapting the product to market needs and by providing support to local communities, populations at risk and those in need by donating hydroalcoholic solution. Read more from Segens website.

The 2020 Responsible Care Award jury consists of the following people:

  • Simon Minett, Managing Director, Challoch Energy
  • Emma Argutyan, Director General of the European Chemical Employers Group, ECEG
  • Rasmus Valenko, Director Sustainability, Kemira OYJ (2019 RC Awards winner)