PVC-compounds for a sustainable future

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A leading initiative by Thevinyl.

Thevinyl, a forward-thinking PVC compound producer, has embarked on a sustainability journey, aligning its practices with the changing times. Since 2020, the company has been making strategic moves to reduce its carbon footprint, increase the use of recycled PVC, and transition towards a more sustainable future.  

2020: Commitment to Responsible Care  

In 2020, Thevinyl took a significant step by joining the Responsible Care initiative. This decision aligned seamlessly with the company’s longstanding commitment to adhering to Responsible Care guidelines.  

2021: Partnering with A Sustainable Tomorrow  

Building on their sustainability commitment, Thevinyl became a partner of “A Sustainable Tomorrow” in 2021. This collaborative platform brings together various companies to collectively work towards creating a more sustainable future and exploring new business opportunities through collaborations.  

2022-2023: Investments in Material Development   

Throughout 2022 and 2023, Thevinyl has focused its efforts on material development, aiming to reduce its carbon footprint and incorporate recycled PVC into its products. These initiatives have involved substantial investments in testing equipment, production capacity, and trials.  

Notable Milestones in the Sustainability Journey (2022-2023)  


  • Thevinyl invested in a new lab extruder, enabling them to test new materials effectively.  


  • External experts added Thevinyl’s raw materials into SimaPro, a software that calculates carbon footprints for formulations. This valuable tool aids the company in starting new projects with customers while considering sustainability.  
  • The company conducted a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on some of its PVC compounds, providing insights into environmental impacts.  
  • Thevinyl initiated its Bio project, focused on transitioning from fossil-based to bio-based PVC compounds, receiving funding from Region Skåne and European Union.  


  • Thevinyl embarked on trials involving recycled PVC, with an initial pulverising process conducted by an external partner.  
  • The company invested in new laboratory equipment, including UV testing, impact testing, tensile testing, and vicat testing, to enhance its testing capabilities and reduce reliance on external labs.  
  • Thevinyl became the first company in the plastic industry to have its sustainability efforts verified according to ISO 26000 by VERIFY Agency.  
  • Thevinyl plans to certify its ISO 9001/14001 management system, further reinforcing its commitment to quality and environmental standards.  
  • The company started using bio-attributed PVC resin and introduced recycled filler into some compounds in June.  
  • A new production line that will double production capacity will become operational, featuring new PVC silos, plasticizer tanks, mixers, and extruders.  
  • In 2023/2024, Thevinyl plans to invest in a pulveriser line to recycle end-of-life PVC products and recover PVC from customers’ production processes.  

Sustainability Focus Areas  

Thevinyl’s sustainability efforts are categorized into five main areas, aligning with the UN Global Goals:  

  • Materials (SDG 8, 9, 12, and 13): Focus on reducing carbon footprint, increasing the use of recycled PVC, and incorporating bio-based and recycled raw materials.  
  • Work Environment (SDG 8): Ensuring a sustainable and safe work environment.  
  • Waste and Chemical Management (SDG 12): Managing waste and chemicals responsibly.  
  • Sustainable Economy and Use of Resources (SDG 8 and 9): Promoting a sustainable economy and efficient resource utilisation.  
  • Knowledge and Collaborations (SDG 9 and 13): Emphasizing knowledge sharing and collaborative efforts in sustainability.  

Thevinyl’s dedication to sustainability and its continuous efforts to reduce its environmental impact exemplify a commitment to creating a more eco-friendly and responsible future for PVC compounds.  

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