Water for Ukraine

Humanitarian aid, Sweden

Shortly after the start of the war in Ukraine, the only Ukrainian Coagulants production unit was seized and stopped by the Russian Army. Feralco entered directly in contact with Ruslan Stilets, Ukrainian Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, to supply the war-zone regions with drinking water products.  

Within a few weeks, an MoU was signed with the Ukrainian Government, Feralco’s products were included in the humanitarian EU list of products, allowing access to the EU Humanitarian Chain, and the company established a complete supply chain from its production units to Kyiv, free-of-charge given that the Ukranian Government takes care of the transport between Kyiv and the designated cities.  

Since April, Feralco’s products have been sent to most cities under siege in the East of the country (Kharkiv, Kramakorsk, Mykolayiv, etc.) on a regular basis, allowing drinking water production for millions of people in the area.  

In parallel ,  this initiative has been extended to other companies under the umbrella of “Water for Ukraine”. Companies like Kemira intend to join  for the supply of coagulants, and Nobian, Borregaard and others will soon bring  other essential products to drinking water production: sodium hypochlorite. 

Today, we continue to deliver products to Ukrainian cities on a very regular basis. We receive the list of the regions in acute need every 2 weeks from the Government and adjust deliveries. 

Thanks to DB Cargo, we have also improved logistics. Until recently we could deliver only to Kyiv but now we can go closer to the battle line, therefore shortening timing between request and actual use of our products for drinking water production. 

Our products are used every day and have allowed to produce billions and billions liters of drinking water. 

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