Marco Mensink: Living in and learning from the COVID-19 crisis

Covestro HomeOfficeTalks with Marco Mensink
Covestro HomeOfficeTalk with Marco Mensink

“We have seen the chemical industry step up and people recognise how important chemicals are across all value chains”, said Marco Mensink, Cefic’s Director General during a Home Office Talk hosted by Niko Palosuo, Head of External Communications with Covestro, one of Cefic’s members. “We see stories in the press of people saying they value this industry, I hope that feeling stays also in future”.

Marco joined Niko’s makeshift studio in Cologne from his home office in Brussels to discuss how the chemical industry across Europe has reacted to the COVID-19 crisis and which lessons we can draw from this public health crisis.

“While the crisis has disrupted almost all industries and supply chains, it has also shown amazing examples of solidarity and partnerships being built in unexpected places”, stressed Marco. “It has also strengthened cooperation between the chemical industry and EU institutions and regulators on securing supplies of essential supplies”.