Cefic’s reaction to ECHA’s Integrated Regulatory Strategy report

Brussels, 19th April, 2019 – We welcome ECHA’s report ‘Mapping the Chemical Universe to Address Substances of Concern’. Cefic actively participates in ECHA’s initiatives to map substances with the aim of identifying those which may require additional information and immediate regulatory action.

Cefic, together with other associations, has worked with ECHA and EU member state representatives to screen some 1,000 substances towards creating an inventory of all plastic additives on the EU market and validate their properties. Regulators in EU member states can now use this inventory as a starting point to decide which substances should be prioritised for risk assessment. Such a collaborative model could be used to map other groups of substances. 

We will also discuss with ECHA how we can contribute to their work checking data for 2,700 substances from the so-called “uncertain area” to help identify substances of potential concern and facilitate their risk assessment. Having a list of those substances available will help the industry to prioritise the review and updates to relevant REACH dossiers.