Green and Sustainable Chemistry Bootcamps

September 23-24, 2019
Gent, Belgium

Society is demanding safe and sustainable products. For companies to meet this demand they need to know what opportunities to seize and how to manage risks. To help members and other stakeholders on their way, Cefic and John Warner teamed up to organize a series of bootcamps on Green and Sustainable Chemistry. John Warner is one of the founders of green chemistry and Chief Technology Officer of Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry.

This workshop will address the topics:

  • Managing risk and safety by design,
  • Innovation for sustainability solutions,
  • Toxicology for Chemists,
  • Biomimicry and Circular Economy,
  • Green chemistry and plastics in the environment,
  • Throughout the workshop industrial examples of green chemistry will be shared.

Download the agenda.

Please note that our target audience is meant to be exclusively Cefic direct Stakeholders and other Chemical Industry companies (e.g. academia, research institutions, competent authorities, value chain partners, chemical companies outside our network, etc)

What previous participants said about the event

“The Bootcamp has challenged me on how I think about innovation, it made me re-think my approach to development of new products and also helped me reframe discussions with customers”

Coraline Alonso, R&D Manager Hair Care, Ashland

“John Warner broadened my creative scope and displayed several approaches of how green chemistry can be intertwined in industry, in the lab, and even at home!”

Danae Robert, Student, Imperial Collage London