Supply Chain Communication guidance

Cefic’s proposals for running an Essential Use Assessment under REACH

Report issued by the Tonnage Information Task Force

Guidance on ES development and supply chain communication

Letter and fact sheet on use communication

Under review for 2018 Registration
This letter and accompanying fact sheet (downloadable below) have been agreed by Cefic, FECC and DUCC. They provide companies with information on how to proceed regarding the use communication for preparing the 2013 registrations.

Messages to communicate in the supply chain on extended SDS for substances II

Under review for 2018 Registration
This document has been jointly prepared by Cefic, Concawe, FECC and DUCC. It provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the communication of extended SDS in the supply chain. It also includes a check-list for those receiving an extended SDS.

Supply Chain Communication Tool – User interface constraints and XML format schema

The REACH registration dossiers submitted by Manufacturers & Importers of substances will include Exposure Scenarios (ES) covering the Uses of those substances. It is expected that Suppliers will undertake a process to inform the Customers of their products about the Uses that are intended to be covered by the Exposure Scenarios. Cefic anticipates extensive and voluminous…

IT functional requirements to build IT tools to support supply chain communication (updated)

STILL VALID IN JANUARY 2016Companies are invited to build IT tools using this requirements document as the basis. The aim is to enhance harmonisation in the communication in the supply chain by using IT tools that are based on similar principles.

Cefic standard reply on use communication

STILL VALID IN JANUARY 2016Cefic has prepared this standard reply on use communication. The aim is to support companies and provide them with a standard reply, and at the same time, promote harmonisation in the replies that the downstream users receive.

Supply chain communication tool: interface constraints