SIEFs guidance

Fair and transparent cost sharing in SIEFs

Cefic Models REACH Letter of access

Overview associations activities

Paper on individual submissions for the same substance

This paper provides some considerations for cases where a number of companies have submitted registrations individually i.e. not as members of the Joint submission

Guidance for late pre-registration

This document gives guidance to companies on the(late) pre-registration process including practical information on how to submit a (late) pre-registration Updated version January 2012 (changes to the previous version are listed in the document) .

SIEF Timechart

This chart reflects the proposed Cefic recommendation for the timing of the different tasks that need to be carried out in a SIEF process. Updated Version January 2012.

SIEF Guidance

This document provides guidance on the obligations and practicalities of the SIEF process including assessing data requirements, the sharing of data, associated costs and joint submission.

Template letter for 4 codes survey

In order to achieve an efficient registration and communication process in the SIEF, it is recommended to group SIEF members into 4 different categories according to 4 different SIEF Codes. These Codes will reflect each company’s role in each given pre-SIEF/SIEF. This template letter can be used to send the survey to the SIEF members…

Guidance for Lead Registrants

The aim of this document is to provide Lead Registrants, and potential Lead Registrants, with an overview of their tasks and responsibilities as well as standard templates to support their actions. The paper is structured as a sort of Check list of actions that need to be undertaken.

Pre-SIEFs Analyser Tool developed by Cefic and CONCAWE

SIEFs (Substance Information Exchange Fora) are formed by companies that intend to register the same substance. They are there to facilitate data sharing between the companies, and hence avoid duplication of studies and to agree classification and labeling where there is a difference between registrants.  Users can obtain or update the list of pre-SIEFs members…

How to update an individual submission to a joint submission ?

This paper explains the process that companies have to follow in case they have submitted ‘individually’ and they now want to update their dossiers in order to become part of a Joint Submission.


This document contains frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers on the functioning of the SIEFs.

Model Substances Information Exchange Forum Agreement (SIEF Agreement) according to REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006

Fair cost sharing in SIEFs

This document points up the importance of fairness in the cost sharing process in SIEFs.

Request to ECHA by third party for access to registration dossier

Transparency on cost sharing in SIEFs

This document points up the importance of transparency in the cost sharing process in SIEFs.

Cefic recommendation letter of access

This paper explains the concept of Letter of access including some points that SIEF members need to bear in mind during their operations.

Obligations and liabilities of the Lead registrant in the SIEF

Cefic REACH cooperation agreement between SIEF Lead Members