Braking consciously

When taking your car for routine maintenance, it will be unlikely that adding brake fluid is included in your bill. Low brake fluid typically means that your brake pads are worn and will soon need to be changed. How important is brake fluid? Brake fluid helps transfer the movement created when you press down on the brake pedal, to amplify braking force.

Most brake fluids are considered hazardous because they contain substances that may be harmful to humans or the environment. The goal of the chemical industry is to replace hazardous substances with those that are safe and sustainable. This means using substances that prevent harm to humans and planet from the outset.

Clariant has developed a brake fluid that no longer requires the chemical borate ester, which requires extra precautionary measures to handle it safely. Instead it is based on non-hazardous biodegradable raw materials. This means that those in car manufacturing who handle or fill brake fluids can now do so without taking extra precautionary measures. The environment is also better protected since the production of this brake fluid does not generate hazardous waste.

All the while, as car driver you can rest assured that the same high quality of performance is maintained.

SDG 12-ResponsibleConsumptionAndProduction

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