Deriving key chemical from biomass

Thanks to a new technology aniline can be made from biomass instead of fossil feedstock

Aniline is a key chemical, which is used as a starting material for numerous products, including rigid polyurethane foam, a highly efficient insulating material used in buildings and refrigeration systems. The production of aniline traditionally relies heavily on fossil-based raw materials such as benzene.

Covestro’s innovation makes it possible to produce aniline entirely from bio based raw materials such as feed corn, straw and wood. As about 4.5 million metric tons of aniline per year are produced worldwide, partially replacing fossil feedstocks with bio-based renewable materials could help to markedly reduce the carbon footprint of the industry.

Associated SDG targets

UN SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
SDG 12-ResponsibleConsumptionAndProduction

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